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L. Annaei Flori epitome rerum Romanarum. Cum integris Salmasii, Freinshemii, Graevii, et selectis aliorum animadversionibus. Recensuit, suasque adnotationes addidit Carolus Andreas Dukerus. [With:] Lucius AMPELIUS, ex, Bibliotheca Salmasii. Liber memorialis.


FLORUS, Publius Annius.

PublisherLugduni Batavorum: apud Johannem vander Linden, juniorem, 1722
Weight600 gram
CF Brunet II, 1312; Ebert, 7692*; Graesse II, p. 605; Dibdin II, 11; Spoelder, 586 (Groningen 4); Sandys II, 447; Schweiger II, 363. This edition not in NCC.
Keywords Prize Binding: Utrecht, Utrecht: Prijsboeken
Booknumber 15295

in-8, pp. [68], 960, [index: 120], [Ampelius:] 52. Collation: *-4* 8 5*1 A-4A 8 4B 6. Contemporary vellum with gilt ornamental borders along the edges of front and back cover with gilt corner "fleur-de-lis" and gilt coat-of-arms of Utrecht centered on both sides. Illustrated with engraved frontispiece, engraved printer's device on title and 1 fold. engraved map of the Roman Empire.

Publius Annius Florus [fl. late 1st and early 2nd century AD, b. Africa - d. Rome?], historian of Rome and poet, important as the first of a number of African writers who, in the 2nd century, exercised considerable influence on Latin literature. He was also the first of the "new-fashioned" poets of Hadrian's reign, whose special characteristic was the use of lighter and more graceful metres than those of the poets they displaced. In the manuscripts the writer is variously given as Julius Florus, Lucius Anneus Florus, or simply Annaeus Florus. From certain similarities of style he has been identified with Publius Annius Florus, poet, rhetorician and friend of Hadrian, author of a dialogue on the question of whether Virgil was an orator or poet, of which the introduction has been preserved. "Epitome rerum Romanarum" is a short history of the Roman Empire until Augustus. The editor Karl Andres Duker [1670-1752] Westphalian scholar, became professor at Utrecht [1713-34]. Engraved frontispiece by F. Bleyswyk after H. van der My. First edition by Duker [Brunet]. A bit browned. A well preserved copy. 1250 gram; pakket.

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